Guacamole Overload Heaven

Okay, I’ll admit that I ate too much here. But Los Tres Amigos, in Gulfport, MS, does that to me.
I had been here before, and remembered the guacamole tacos, but thought they were kinda small. So I ordered two, along with a guac dip for my chips, and a 12 piece shrimp cocktail.
The guac is amazing. The salsa and chips that arrive on your table build up the desire for the next course, and the guac just enhances that feeling. Notice the mug of salsa in the picture? No shortages here!

Guacamole Overload!

Guacamole Overload!

Then the tacos came, about twice the size I remembered. Delicious filled with guacamole, a good pile of cheeses, and some diced tomatoes. I probably should have stopped eating there…
But I didn’t. The cocktail was excellent – 12 peeled shrimp swimming in a tomato sauce laden with chunks of tomato, onion, avocado, and cilantro. It kind of reminded me of ceviche from Peru (another story). Very, very good.
It was an excellent meal, and caused me to walk around Walmart for nearly an hour before I was un-full enough to go home.
If you are in the area, don’t miss it!

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Posted August 7, 2010 by John Ribar in category NAGRoad