Lost in Space

Christmas 2014

Christmas 2014

No, it’s not a great SciFi classic, at least not yet. The blogs have been tied up for a while… Life in the way, fingers excited but not moving to the keys… you know the drill.  Anyway, it’s time to start things moving again. One of the things I’ll be doing is moving my old blog posts from NAGRoad, and other places I’ve kept them, into this site. So all my stuff will finally be organized and put away 😉

I’m marking all the original NAGRoad stuff with that category, so it will be easy to find them, and eventually I’ll make a special page to collect them alone. But for now, expect things to show up at the bottom of the list… in their correct date location.

And to let you know how things are, here’s a new picture of Joy and me from Christmas!


Posted March 18, 2014 by John Ribar in category Life