About me

About… Awaken Refreshed

I don’t want to get into a lot of silly stuff here. I have a lot of interests, sometimes too many. The point of this website is to show, share, or give some of these things, these ideas, projects, concepts, away to you.

There will be several categories as I move along:

  • Photography
  • Writing and Screenplays
  • Cooking
  • Programming
  • Travel
  • Family

I don’t expect everything to fit in this list.


About… NAGRoad

I’m John, the North American Gypsy.  I spent dozens of years working as a programmer and software designer. But on Memorial Day 2010 I lost my wife Lesa, and decided to follow my dreams, as we had discussed before she left. My plan is for a long-term trek around North America, using my abilities in writing, photography, and cooking to find great things to share with you.

Along the way, I reconnected with a life-long friend, and now my wife, Joy, in Wisconsin. I now call the midwest home, and am lucky to be with someone who is not only a great friend, but also an English teacher, and a lover of travel (keeps me on my toes!).

Thanks for following along – I hope you’ll enjoy the journey!